Saturday, May 06, 2006


Oui Oui, sei moi. again.

This week I was engulfed in deep space exploration, endless black empty spaces all around. Where lies thy motivation to pursue further darkness? Diving further in. Pervasive black. We live in such darkness where forth we slither and slide, slither and slide. Must have fallen asleep on my desk at work. Damn.

I've reached a boulder on the road. To circumvent, tunnel, leap over? Somehow I chose to push it. Obviously it doesnt budge, else its not worthy of the name boulder, or my gym sessions are working miracles. Im achieving intensity, after inspiration from ROCKY revisited. Some choose to turn back and avoid, some stick their hands on it and hold on. Bestow me with the strenght to URGGGHHHHH YAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok lets try again tomoro, somehow I think Im getting back on track. The day it moves, the world moves, mark this sentence.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lost in Transition

Thank you for checking up on me
as I live on the fringe of your mind. Think today is a good day.

The last 2 months have been a complete flash of transient permanence, immersed in a foreign land working and studying. I reflect, as I lay me down to sleep, may I allow time to pass till tomoro morning when the sun rises again. Its certainty puts me at ease, while i drift away into non-consciousness, oblivious to the mouse (bryan) thats scampering away in the kitchen. He moved in a couple of weeks ago and has comfortably settled down in the kitchen, without our permission. We're still debating how much rent he's obliged to pay. And there's the roach (xiao qiang) that Catherine met in the toilet, apparently he proclaimed he was just passing by and not intending to PR, but thats what he claims. Haven seen him since then. With spring in full force, I'd expect more visitors soon.

1. Florida exhibition at Pittcon
2. The upside down house along Independence Road, OC, Florida
3. Abraham Lincoln memorial
4. A sad clown at the festive occasion Cherry Blossom Parade in DC, probably cos of the downpoure

I sometimes dream that I've been around, around somewhere as Im not sure where I've been instead. So have I not been around for around that I have been, it all seems to have been around. Thats the way the world talks, you probably dont understand it, but it means something in itself. I'm not sure too if I understand it.

Welcome to Hersheys and the Chocolate factory
Capital of Penn, Harrisburg
Ahead of Renaissance mourners

The current fad of biotechnology will end in an "unexpected" market crash. Thats the volatilty of the industry, yet paradoxically certain to occur. The question is when. Do we want to ask where as well?
Probably everywhere in a world so flat. It always proceeds with a burst before the bust. Development period of 25 years, track the history and anticipate the surge. The fun almost ends with such clarity. See to believe.

Thank you for enduring with nonsensical sense. Its fun to be home on a rainy saturday evening on the third floor of an apartment at the corner of 40th and chestnut thats just right across Pattaya Grill and 2 blocks away from Fresh Grocer which keeps us stocked with grocery that is carelessly dropped and feeds bryan day after day and who knows maybe the family as well together with XiaoQiangs. Its amazing how all things link out in the end.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Photo whore for a day

Photo whore for a day in Altantic City, NJ!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The close of week 2

Si si si ... oui oui oui... yes yes yes... Im blogging.

I apologize for the leave of absense, as I keep anxious and well-intending friends pining for the page to change. Et viola! It has changed! heh. Adjusting to life here is just so difficult! All the cold weather, cooking meals, laundry, bills, bills, bills, lease, work, study, bills again??, skiing, travelling is just making time seem so fleeting. And I do miss my family, my girl, my friends, my brothers, my colleagues so. It is strange to be well positioned in an alien land, snuggling into a corner here to make it home, or call it home.

PS: this was the dump i used to squeeze in with 4 guys before my new home.

Time dances, when you're at work. Sometimes its the chopin, sometimes its linkin P, sometimes its just real heavy metal, and thats usually the boss. But kidding, my boss is still decent enough to me and im learning much from my stinct here. That guys a real abyss in terms of business knowledge, or at least in our field of work. But then again hes been in the business for 8 years. But then again, hes only 21. And I must admit, Im enjoying my work here, at least for now. Sometimes i come home, and I have in my mind what I needa accomplish the next day and it seriously drains me. But at the end of it, the responsbility of carrying the torch and the experience gained is just enormous. Right now, Im handling the set up of our exhibition in Florida in MArch, contacting the contractors, preping the work space, inviting distributors and Whhhoooo hoooo i have a 80% chance of flying down company paid to be at the exposition! Yeah now thats what im talking about. Of course, what you dont see is the convulsions Im having, knowing full well that I have not settled the contractors, have not completed the design, and the shows in 45 days! I could just disappear from the face of the world, if for my incapabilities, the booth is not ready and the company's first excursion of an exciting 2006 is destroyed in my hands. Convulsions. Convulsions. Foaming at the mouth.

K work aside, Im tempted to talk about class at Penn, but then again theres nuttin much to talk about it except theres a quiz and essay every week, and its pretty interactive and interesting. You really feel you're in the midst of action.


Travelling and weekend trips! Now thats interesting. Haven really been around yet, but last weekend had my first proper holiday since arriving. Poconos. At split rock resort. Skiing. Snow. Cold. My first skiing expedition - as I ploughed through the beginners lessons that spanned on and on unceasingly, drowning in the drones of step left, glide right, keep the wedge. Hell lets heck it and just do it. So up I went on the lift, as my skis dangled in midair while I sat on the lift chair, geeze... it was hell of a long way up man. Oh god. That meant it was a long way down as well. Geeze. Geeze. As the escalator approached summit, a sign at the top cemented my fears : ATTENTION, ESCALATOR HAS ZERO DOWNHILL CAPACITY. Cool. I could either roll down, tumble, slide, fall, crawl down the hill but theres gonna be no escalator. Ok. I decided to ski down in the end. I wished. The first journey down was purely a mixture of up down tumbles slides and about 5 % of skiing. But with the wind in my face and the exhilaration of speed, up the escalator I went again, challenging the fear, unleashing the animal in me. By the 5th time up I was able to do swerves and turns and dashes down the hill, the manovuerability on the snow brought immerse joys to a child with new toys. I must go back again!

The Skiing site at Poconos!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Day 5 in the Movies

I have traversed
one step,
but Oh what a step it is.

It's been a while since I've penned, but issues over here at penn obstructs my preferred tasks. Hearts been wanting but the muscles been wanning = Xin you yu er li bu zu. I've kinda settled down in this part of the world in the TV, man these american movies and shows have never been any more realistic than this. It cant get any closer, up close and personal. Having watched one too many american shows over the TV, it feels weird actually living in one. Kinda can picture Rocky running up the steps to the Art Musuem, wooo look at me raising my arms in glory punching into the air Im doing the same - Rocky Jr! Ok Im imagining that aint had the chance to head down to that part of town yet hence the lack of pictures posted to fuel my imagination. But I do have some inking of what the city is like :

Well you pretty much get the picture, this is the nice side of Philly. Aint got the time nor the guts to venture further into the less pleasing side of all cities philly included, but slowly im inching further and further away from the city centre, which houses all the financial district, the historical sites, the riches and the pretty.

Further west, we reach the University city, which houses Penn and gets less pleasing further west. In the sense of social environment and security. ok these are still some pretty town houses, so my place, which we'er in the process of renting, would look something like that. I'll dragg youthru the pains we went just to get one some other day.

With a quiz on the 2nd lesson, I foresee my days at Penn wun be a breeze, it'll probably be more liek the chilling gust every morning. The notes are crawling up my mind, and sitting on my lap already. I have to study. Sucks. You have a good day. i'll be back.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Ok. 9:50. Thats the amount of time I have left on the free internet connection, standing at a awkward station, battling the need for speed (in bloggin that is!). Finally Im on my way, not really on my way, but as close as it can get, having passed the gantries.

On my way drive home just now, I felt my heart pound unceasingly. Whoa finally trepidation and apprehension set in. I was afraid initially not to have had these fears come to me, I tot I had become more Zhai! Ok, at least Im still pretty normal, pretty me. LAte, but better than never.

Its a pretty lonely, but peaceful affair here at the airport. Just me and my parents, and they left early too cos they had to submit to work life the next morning. Best friends not here cos of school, another in london, another shaggin somewhere else I guess. Gfs not here cos dun wan her to ball her eyes out at the airport, she already did that the past 4 hours, so lets spare her and me too. Love ya. Other close friends not here cos well, its after all 4 in the morning, and I'd rather skip the guilt trip of having them come here just to let me have a star reception, so told them it wasnt necessary. Maybe I just wasnt popular or friendly or well loved or superstar, oh yeah, I am not. hahaha. somehow being alone is quiet and peaceful, and I reflected.

ok! 1:45 left! Faster Faster! Better send this up first, if theres free net at Narita I'll come again to challenge the time, but for now, Its LAwrence on the air signing off with the lovely song: click click goes the keyboard.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I would B a UCC Story

As a Chapter closes, the mind hinges on the last strand of memory, to jot down for an eternity. I have been at UCC for 2 years and 4 months, many many many seconds spent there. In this story I have seen growth, changes, evolution, dreams, hopes, standards and beyond.

E 1st Chalet of UCC!

A chance at a part time job near school attracted me to this offer from a friend, to join the pool of ushers at some Cultural Centre. Bleah, why not, just another part time employment that earns me financial independence from dearest majesty and empress dowager. Yes so I went. And got interviewed. By a classic. An Aunt MIMI... think drew carey guys... think and shudder.

The cool hip handsome pretty TL/FOHchieesss gang!!

Easy enough as it seems, but who was to know that here I will spend 2 of my freshman years, and here I would spend my youth learning such important lessons of life as leadership, humility and the ability to serve, cant say that I've succeeded, but it wouldnt be harsh to say I havent failed. When I was tasked to a change, a change in attitude, dynasty and long standing tradition against the odds, it was a mammoth of a task asking a year 1 bearly out of the womb. Sharon sat me down and stared at me in all seriousness, Hie Sharon, I havent failed you.
Istana lunch with Mr Lee!!

We needed cohesiveness, we needed warmth and we needed a touch of familyness. it had to be fun, and I know how many a times I came close to giving in just trying, it certainly wasnt the easiest of tasks, holding the fort in solitude against all adversity. But today I will say that I'm proud of you Team B we can call ourselves a family, and really wanna thank Sanchia and Vincent for riding the wave with me, and the senoirs who have put your heart into the team, pple like Jk, JJ, Tx, Xy and many many others. Love you guys seriously. Wun hear me say this out but, love you guys. And Im really glad we've finally done it, a UCC Chalet, and more to come!!
Last duty as a TL, Nostalgia rings

The memories, the glory, the fun, the people, the pathetic money except during commencement, the guys, the gers, the brothers, the nindis and mohans, the cakes, the strawberry facials, the changing in the FOH rooms, the balloons, the yee ferns, the sanchia joy yuen fangs wrong names, the giggling hees hees who cant stop, the mimis, meetings and anthonys. Won't forget you peeps. My heart will go on.

A strawberry facial a day keeps the people away, should have seen Xinyi run with the cake in 1 hand like a professional waiter. Thanks to all!! UCC !!